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Harmony Hi Low Side Rails

For those that need some assistance getting in and out of bed, Harmony offers half-length bed rails that are compatible with the Harmony Hi Low bed. 

These rails fasten onto the platform that raises up and down and have four height settings for easy adjustability.  The stylish black design complements the contemporary style of the Harmony Hi Low adjustable bed base.

The Side Rails can be mounted in the head or middle section of Hi Low adjustable base.

Harmony Hi Low Side Rail Covers

Further enhance the style and comfort of the Harmony Hi Low bed and Side Rail with a set of soft and luxurious Side Rail Covers.

The rails are produced from the same upholstery as the Hi Low adjustable base, so they match perfectly.  There are two pockets on the covers to keep your belonging within arm’s reach. 

One pocket is small and fits the remote control or your Smart Phone perfectly!  The second pocket is larger and is ideal to store your tablet, book, magazine, or newspaper for easy access. 

Harmony Hi Low Caster Set

Moving the Harmony Hi Low adjustable base is a breeze with the optional Caster Set.

The Casters come as a set of 6 and are compatible with the three-piece adjustable legs that come standard with the Hi Low adjustable base.

The Caster Set is also compatible with the Harmony 3 adjustable base.

Harmony Bluetooth Adapter

Control your Harmony 3 or Hi Low bed from the convenience of your Smart Phone or Tablet. 


Adjust positioning, control massage and lighting from the Comfort Enhancements app on your Smart device – bonus alarm feature!


Simple set up and operation by connecting the adapter to the control box on the Harmony 3 or Hi Low bed.



Our Brochure Notre Brochure

We thoroughly enjoy our beds and would highly recommend them!

Unlike a lot of reviews that people give right after they purchase, we have had our Harmony3 Adjustable Beds for three years.  We purchased two Twin XL mattresses and power bases, so we could adjust them separately. My wife and I love being able to sit up to watch TV or read books with full back support, and the mattresses are still like new and very comfortable. I can also lift the head of the bed as much as I want to control acid reflux or occasional snoring (me).  The remote control is easy to use, and has buttons for Zero Gravity, as well as head and foot adjustments and a "flat" button to return the beds to level. It even has a flashlight, and a massage button that vibrates and turns itself off.  We thoroughly enjoy our beds and would highly recommend them!

David D. Tennessee, USA

My wife and I love our new king size!

My wife and I love our new king size!  The mattress is the perfect blend of comfort and support.  I sleep great!


Best sleep I’ve had in years!

Purchasing a Harmony bed has totally changed my comfort in bed and I get a much more restful sleep than ever before. 

Emma H. Vancouver, BC

I love my new Harmony Mattress!

It is supportive and comfortable and is the best mattress I have ever had. I can’t wait to go to bed every night! 

Kevin B. Kitchener, ON