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Harmony 3

The Harmony 3 is the premium of the Harmony line up. It features an 18 button stylish wireless remote that allows to you adjust the head section and the foot section to achieve your perfect position for reading or sleeping then store it in one of the two memory buttons. The Harmony 3 comes pre-programmed with a zero-gravity button, TV watching button and a “Quiet Sleep” button to reduce snoring. Move around safely at night with the built in flashlight and under-bed LED lighting that is activated using the remote. Experience your best sleep with the premium in rest technology in the Harmony 3 adjustable base.


  • Lift capacity of 1320 lbs.
  • Battery back-up and surge protection standard
  • LED under bed lighting
  • Dual Zone Massage
  • Whisper quiet motors
  • 6 leg design with optional three piece legs for height adjustability
  • Wall-hugger design
  • Available in Twin XL, Queen and Split King

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Comparison of Features

Features / Caractéristiques
Harmony 1
Harmony 3
Harmony Hi-Low
8199 Homecare Bed
Emergency Battery Backup / Batteries de secours Yes/Oui Yes/Oui Yes/Oui Optional
Wireless Remote / Télécommande sans fil Yes/Oui Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
One Button Return to Flat / Bouton unique - retouren position horizontale Yes/Oui Yes/Oui Yes/Oui Yes/Oui
Programmable Positions / positions programmables No/Non Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
Dual Zone Massage / Massage double zone No/Non Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
Built-in Flashlight on Remote / Éclairage intégré sur télécommande No/Non Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
Headboard Brackets / Supportes de tete Yes/Oui Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
Wall Hugger Design / Conception protege-mur No/Non Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
Under Bed LED Lighting System / Systeme d'eclairage DEL sous lit No/Non Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
Three Piece Height Adjustable Legs / Jambes trois pieces avec hauter reglable Yes/Oui Yes/Oui Yes/Oui No/Non
Side Rails / Rails Latéraux N/A N/A Optional Half or Full Length
Upright Backrest Angle / Angle appui-des vertical 70° 70° 70° 72°
Raised Foot Section Angle / Angle section pied sureleve 35° 35° 35° 25°
Lift Capacity / Capacite de levage 340kg / 750lbs 599kg / 1320lbs 399kg / 880lbs 181kg / 400lbs
Total Weight of Foundation - Twin XL / Poids total de la base - Lit jumeau XL 61kg / 135lbs 77kg / 170lbs 108kg/ 238lbs N/A
Total Weight of Foundation - Queen / Poids total de la base - Grand lit 75kg / 166lbs 96kg / 213lbs 135kg / 298lbs N/A
Twin XL Dimensions / Dimensions lit jumeau XL 38” x 80” 38” x 80” 38” x 80” 37” x 88”
Full Dimensions / Dimensions Completes N/A N/A 53" x 74" N/A
Full XL Dimensions / Dimensions Completes XL N/A N/A 53" x 80" N/A
Queen Dimensions / Dimensions grand lit 59” x 80” 59” x 80” 59” x 80” N/A
Lowest Deck Height / Hauter de Pont 7" 9" 10" 10"
Deck and Frame Warranty / Garantie sur plate-ferme est candre Lifetime / Garantie a vie Lifetime / Garantie a vie Lifetime / Garantie a vie

Lifetime /

Garantie a vie

Warranty Labour Coverage / Couverture de la main-d'oeuvre sous guarantie 3 Years / 3 ans 3 Years / 3 ans 3 Years / 3 ans 4 Years / 4 ans
Full Parts Warranty / Garantie sur toutes les pieces

3 Years / 3 ans

Pro-Rated years 4-20

3 Years / 3 ans

Pro-Rated years 4-20

3 Years / 3 ans

Pro-Rated years 4-20

4 Years / 4 ans

We thoroughly enjoy our beds and would highly recommend them!

Unlike a lot of reviews that people give right after they purchase, we have had our Harmony3 Adjustable Beds for three years.  We purchased two Twin XL mattresses and power bases, so we could adjust them separately. My wife and I love being able to sit up to watch TV or read books with full back support, and the mattresses are still like new and very comfortable. I can also lift the head of the bed as much as I want to control acid reflux or occasional snoring (me).  The remote control is easy to use, and has buttons for Zero Gravity, as well as head and foot adjustments and a "flat" button to return the beds to level. It even has a flashlight, and a massage button that vibrates and turns itself off.  We thoroughly enjoy our beds and would highly recommend them!

David D. Tennessee, USA

My wife and I love our new king size!

My wife and I love our new king size!  The mattress is the perfect blend of comfort and support.  I sleep great!


Best sleep I’ve had in years!

Purchasing a Harmony bed has totally changed my comfort in bed and I get a much more restful sleep than ever before. 

Emma H. Vancouver, BC

I love my new Harmony Mattress!

It is supportive and comfortable and is the best mattress I have ever had. I can’t wait to go to bed every night! 

Kevin B. Kitchener, ON